How To Create A Successful Blog: What You Will Learn



1. Learn how to THINK like a savvy blogger and avoid costly mistakes many of us make when we launch our first blog. What takes ten years to learn on your own can be learned in six weeks. Learn how to skyrocket and fast track your blogs success.

2. Learn how to ACT like a savvy blogger and become a top performer in your industry. You will learn how to connect and communicate more effectively along with understanding how to leverage the internet for more sales, more exposure and more impact.

3. Learn how to GROW like a savvy blogger and be able to overcome obstacles and setbacks. Learn how to play the game without becoming disheartened. Learn how to get the strength to keep going and not give up, even after constant rejection.

4. Finally BECOME the savvy blogger that you have always dreamed of becoming. Own a successful and inspiring blog that runs in line with your personal beliefs and values. Live a life that is in truth to who you really are.


Online access to this site where the modules are released each week. This e-course will include weekly  worksheets for you to complete along with useful templates for you to adapt to your blog.

This blogging mastermind course provides you with a solid framework to refine your ideas, design and write your blog plan, promote your blog and start earning an income or living from it.

You will also become part of our facebook page, which is a space to commune with me and the other participants. Share brags and goals; make requests, ask questions and support each other.



What you will learn?…you will learn how to develop your dream blog or create an online niche site that brings you in a passive income and turns you into an industry expert.

Turn your creative idea and passion into a successful online blog, whether you want to sell jewelery, offer coaching or become a travel blogger – this course will show you how. No matter what your goal is, the one thing you need to do is build an online presence. The future of business in online, in a few years time  blogs will become the new resume and big corporations will outsource to freelance companies. You need to get savvy and get ahead of the times and the competition – you need to set yourself apart. This online blog development and marketing course is a 6 week  program that will show you, step-by-step, how to build a unique and profitable online brand/business/blog that will set you apart from your competition. You will learn how to leverage your idea into an online presence, turning it into a successful business or career that will give you freedom and work life balance.


Lets take a moment to just discover what is available to you when it comes to building a blog or online business. Many people do not know where to start or what to start-up. Others of you will know exactly what it is that you want to start up. So to get your creative ideas flowing we have put together a mini-introduction to online business. Don’t stress if you become overwhelmed, this is just designed to get you thinking before you launch into week one.

  1. Savvy 101 – The Entrepreneurs Manifesto
  2. The foundations of making money online 
  3. Finding your profitable niche

Week One:  Discover What You Are Mean’t To Be Doing

  • Re-discover your unique gifts and talents so that you understand what you need to be doing in order to make your heart sing.
  • What do you really want?
  • Discover that brilliant idea.
  • We will work past the fears.
  • Why you need need to get online.
  • How to identify and create your income stream.
  • How to get crystal clear on where you should be spending your time so that you don’t get overwhelmed and waste time and money.
  • Get clarity on who you are targeting and how to attract that person to you site.
  • Why you need to be authentic and transparent to run a successful blog.
  • How to build trust and relationships with customers and other businesses.
  • How to come across as a premium and professional blog.
  • How truth and everyday stories give you an edge and make you a leader in your industry.

Week Two: How To Create A Professional Website

  • Learn the basics of setting up a blog.
  • How to do it all for free – my two favourite platforms that I use.
  • We discuss good design and colour concepts
  • Learn the key fundamentals to SEO and getting ranked by google
  • Make money on your blog while you sleep.
  • Why your blog exists and what it needs to do for you.
  • The secret thing you need on your blog to convert lookers into buyers.
  • What to avoid when designing a blog – avoid all the common mistakes.
  • The importance of social media marketing.
  • Why you need to collect emails via  Opt-Ins on  and discover ideas for opt-ins that will instantly lift your game.
  • Discover the art of delivering value to your customer.
  • How to design a website for higher conversions and a better user experience.
  • A few of my favourite templates and graphics that you can use

Week Three: How To Connect And Build Relationships With Your Customers

  • Why you need to write valuable content that solves your readers problems.
  • The true purpose of free content and how it fits into your overall business objective.
  • How much should you be giving away for free.
  • How to create inspiring content that connects with your customer.
  • Create value for your customer and why it is all about them and not about you.
  • How to create content that will go viral and get you free traffic.
  • What is the difference between average content and content that sells.
  • How to design and deliver your newsletter.
  • Why you need to get clear about your goal.
  • How to write up an editorial calender.
  • How to schedule everything so that you don’t go into complete overwhelm.

Week Four: How To Grow Your Customer Base

  • How to find your own opportunities.
  • Why you have to hustle if you want success.
  • Why comparision will kill your business.
  • Ways to build your list super fast.
  • The art of winning over influencial people who will help take your business/career to the next level.
  • How to network and meet lucrative partners, even if you’re just starting out.
  • Ready-To-Send Email Templates that will win you partnerships, jobs and influential partners.
  • My Complete List Building template file, such as confirmation emails, welcome emails, and more.

Week Five: How To Build A Successful Brand

  • Create products and a website that will sell itself.
  • The greatest secret to selling yourself and your products.
  • How to tweak and grow your current products and services to increase sales.
  • Design  valuable packages and products that your customers will love.
  • Why it is important that your customer connects with your brand/message.
  • How to WOW your customers by over delivering every time.
  • Ideas to get your creative inspiration flowing.
  • The different ways to make money online.
  • How to determine your prices.
  • How to stay organised and manage the behind scene stuff.
  • Ways to package your product so that they sell.

Week Six: The Secret To Marketing

  • How to market your business with integrity and truth that will win every time.
  • The secret truth of marketing that most people never understand.
  • Why any lie in your marketing will come back to bite you, learn how to get creative while remaining totally honest.
  • Timeless marketing secrets.
  • How to get free PR.
  • How to wet your customers appetite and encourage them to want what you are offering.
  • Turn words into money – learn the art of copy writing.
  • How to write winning headlines, blog post titles, video titles and social media updates.
  • Why your subject lines are the most important piece of your email copy.
  • Persuasive writing secrets.
  • How to build relationships through your marketing by relating with your customer.
  • Why your copy should move and inspire YOU emotionally.
  • A “sell anything” sales letter formula that gains respect and attention.
  • How to market your business for free.
  • A sample sales letter for you to use as inspiration.



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